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MLP's Referral Bonus Program


Moster Legal Placement not only offers career search assistance and advice. We’re looking to develop your entrepreneurial side too!

We will pay a $500 bonus to any individual – be it a job seeker or a client contact -- who refers us a candidate that we successfully place into a new position. Here’s how the referral bonus program works:

• You refer us someone whom you know, and who wants to work with us.

• The candidate has not previously been in contact or registered with MLP.

MLP agrees to work with the candidate.

MLP successfully places that candidate into a new position within one (1) year of the referral.

• The candidate successfully completes ninety (90) calendar days of continuous successful employment -- i.e., he or she does not quit or get terminated for any reason (such as performance issues, lay-offs, personal or business issues, etc.) during that 90-day period.

Referrals are the lifeblood of a good recruiting (or really any) business. They represent, in essence, “instant references” from the trusted professionals with whom we already work. We strive to give 100% to all of our candidates, of course, whatever the source, but recommendations from our colleagues give us immediate confidence, and a head start in getting the process going.

We work in a professional business. We know that when you refer a candidate, you do so as a professional courtesy without expectation of reward. Still, a referral of a qualified marketable candidate helps our business, straight and simple…So, be warned that if you refer us a good candidate, we’ll insist on rewarding you with a bonus, like it or not!

You may have noticed that we like referrals. Have one? Contact us!


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