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The key to success in one's profession -- or really any endeavor -- is the ability to communicate a message in an effective and persuasive manner. That skill is no less vital to a successful employment search or job interview.

Interview BootCamp® is a customized training and coaching service designed to increase your Interview IQ. Once provided only internally to MLP's own job candidates, it is now available to any professional seeking to improve his or her job interview skills.

Interview BootCamp® offers three packages -- The Bare Essentials, The Basics and The Works. Each provides a different telephone or in-person training option, depending on the level of need.

Some who utilize Interview BootCamp® will be individuals who have decided to undertake a job search based upon their own contacts and leads, and want a refresher course on the basics before they get underway. Others may have already scheduled themselves for an interview and want to be as prepared as possible for that all-important meeting.

Whatever the situation, everyone can always use some good interview tips -- be it preparing for a job interview, coming up with answers to both the common and tough interview questions, thinking of effective interview questions to ask to help evaluate the suitability of the job for you, or even participating in practice interview sessions to tighten up your presentation.

Note: In addition to the individual packages described below, Interview BootCamp® is also available to groups, including outplacement options for employers instituting cutbacks. Contact Us for rates and other details.


For Those Who Need a Quick Overview or Refresher:

(1 Hour)

Conducted by telephone, this individualized, one-hour training program provides a quick-and-dirty tour through the basics of job interviewing. Your resume and the job opportunities you've identified play center stage, along with an overview of helpful interview techniques and protocol considerations.  Answers to  tough questions will be discussed; and we'll cover as many issues related to your specific experience and career objectives as the allotted time permits.

The Program includes an additional 15 minutes of telephonic feedback and support following a first interview.

THE BARE ESSENTIALS Program is best-suited for three types of job seekers:

  • Individuals who know they need to improve their job interview skills and are seeking a quick primer on job interview techniques.
  • Individuals who are generally comfortable with their job interview techniques, but have not interviewed for a while and need a refresher on the basics.
  • Procrastinators who have put off preparation for a fast-approaching interview, and are looking for last-minute job interview tips to enhance their upcoming meetings.

Whether you need a new set of tires and a car wash, just a tune-up, or to have a flat fixed when you're late to a meeting, THE BARE ESSENTIALS will get you fixed-up, warmed-up and ready to hit the road!

Fee : $225


For an In-Person, One-On-One Review of the Basics:


Conducted in-person at a mutually convenient location (Los Angeles, California only), this 2-hour program combines a one-on-one primer on effective interview techniques with an interview practice exercise and 30 days of post-session telephone support.

Here are the BASICS:

Interview Preparation and Practice Session (2 Hours)

We'll give you an overview of practical interview tips and strategies, personalizing them to any to any individual strengths or weaknesses in your presentation skills that you identify for us at the beginning of the session. The substantive part of the program will be followed by a mock interview exercise to reinforce the techniques that have been discussed.

While the BASICS program will occasionally touch on specifics related to your personal job search, it is intended to provide a more general, bird's eye view of the interview process.

Post-Interview Follow-Up (One Half-Hour)

In this additional half-hour telephone session, we'll debrief you on your first Post-Program interview experience, and provide feedback and follow-up advice tailored to your individual situation.

Also included:

  • 30 days of Post-Program telephone support for questions about other interviews you may have scheduled, or about interview issues in general.

Fee : $450


For Those Seeking the Basics and an Individualized Training Experience:

THE WORKSSM (3.5 Hours)

This 3.5-hour program will provide an overview and hands-on approach to tackling the job interview, combined with techniques and strategies tailored to your specific experience profile and prospective interviews.

Combining one-on-one interview coaching with videotaped job interview practice sessions and a detailed post-interview follow-up, THE WORKS is our recommended package, and the most comprehensive.

Here are THE WORKS:

Preparing for the Interview (1.5 Hours)

The rule for making a good real estate investment is location-location-location. The commandment for a strong interview is preparation-preparation-preparation.

This intensive, one-on-one coaching session combines an overview of effective, time-tested strategies with personalized, practical advice. The specific topics that will be covered include:

  • Pre-interview research
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Side-by-side review, feedback and suggestions for revising your resume.
  • Interview do's and don'ts
  • What to take with you to the interview
  • Job Interview etiquette
  • Body language and presentation issues
  • How to highlight your experience and strengths
  • How to address and minimize your weaknesses
  • How to anticipate and provide good answers to tough interview questions
  • How to recognize and respond to trick(y) interview questions
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Effective interview questions to ask
  • Discussion of scenarios pertaining to your resume, specific work experience, and employment/lifestyle objectives
  • How to evaluate whether the prospective employer or job is right for you
  • General question and answer session regarding your personal questions and concerns.

Live Interview Practice Session (1.5 Hours)

This part of the program takes the training you just received and puts it to the test!

We'll conduct 2 videotaped mock interviews with you, and then review the tape with you to provide immediate feedback and suggestions.

Following the training sessions, we'll either provide you with a copy of your interviews in DVD or videocassette format or, at your option, promise to destroy the tape so that it never sees the light of day. (We hope you'll elect the first option, of course!)

Post-Interview Follow-Up (One Half-Hour)

This segment will take you through a detailed debriefing of your first two post-program job interviews.

We'll cover not only the specifics of your interview, but also the types of issues that often arise after interviews -- not to mention any questions or concerns that personally relate to you.

The topics we'll address include:

  • Post-Interview Assessment
  • Following-Up on the Interview
  • Thank You Letters
  • Call-Back Challenges
  • Doing a Reference on an Employer
  • Compensation
  • Rejection and Closure Issues
  • Questions and Answers

Also Included:

  • 15-Minute Pre-Session Resume Review
  • 60 days of Post-Program telephone support for questions about other interviews you may have scheduled, or about interview issues in general.

Fee : $750


For those inclined toward "self-help" options, we offer 9 super-concise Video Lesson Capsules, ranging in length from about 4 to 11 minutes, each of which covers a key aspect of the job interview process. They're available for $5 each, or $36 for the full Set of 9. To order, see below.


  • How to Prepare for your Job Interview (8:54 min.);
  • How to Dress for your Job Interview (4:05 min.);
  • The 5 Rules of Thumb for an Effective Job Interview (8 min.);
  • How to Answer the "Why Do You Want to Leave your Job?" Question (5:17 min.);
  • How to Answer the "How Much Money are You Looking to Make?" Question (11:18 min.);
  • How to Answer the "What is your Biggest Weakness?" Question (6:13 min.);
  • The Types of Questions You MUST ASK During a Job Interview (6:17 min.);
  • The Types of Questions You SHOULD NOT ASK During a Job Interview (7:11); and
  • The 6 Key Rules of Etiquette for an Effective Job Interview (10:31 min.)

Order Video Lesson Capsules:

  • INDIVIDUAL VIDEO LESSON CAPSULE, $5 each (specify the capsule(s) you want in an email to
  • Additional Information

  • Interview BootCamp® is a consultancy-only service for candidates seeking advice, but not specific job search assistance, from MLP.
  • Above packages apply to individual consultation services only. Group programs and rates are available.



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