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Moster Legal Placement SM values its relationship with you, our Clients, and your commitment to your community.

In recognition of that goodwill, MLP will donate One Thousand Dollars ($1000) of each placement fee paid to your choice among the three charities listed below. The donation will be made in your name and confirmed in writing by the charity you've selected.


[NOTE: We're pleased to feature the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles and, Plan USA as our designated Charities. We welcome inquiries from other established charities as well! MLP.]


MLP's obligations under the MLP Charity Initiative are effective only upon your compliance with the conditions set forth in the fee agreement between us, which include:

  • MLP's receipt of payment in full for placement of a candidate.
  • The charity selected for the donation is one of the MLP Designated Charities listed above;
  • Only one Designated Charity is selected per placement;
  • The total fee meets the minimum threshold amount, specified in the fee agreement, required for the MLP Charity Initiative to apply; and
  • The name of the selected charity is communicated in writing to MLP on or before its receipt of payment for a placement; and
  • Once you instruct us to make a donation, the donation is a nonrefundable part of your placement fee and doesn't make you eligible for a charitable tax deduction.


We know there are many deserving charities out there, and regret that cost and logistical considerations oblige us to select out only three for special recognition. We value your opinion, however, and will be happy to hear about any other deserving organizations you'd like to bring to our attention.



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