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Welcome to Moster Legal Placement SM, the premier one-stop-shop for matching Partners, Associates and
In-House Counsel with the right Law Firm or Corporate Legal Department…And not to mention Administrators, Paralegals and other High-Level Legal Professionals!

Life is hectic these days. Busy. Noisy. Chaotic. But changing jobs is no time to make a rushed, rash decision.

Taking a position with a new employer or a new group
of partners is a marriage – maybe without rice being thrown – but still a marriage.
MLP SM is there to give
both those doing the hiring, and those seeking new opportunities,
the guidance, resources and sheer breathing room they need to make the right decision.

We bring years of attorney practice and legal recruiting experience to the table (and you can even call us headhunters if you want!)…So when we introduce both
of you to your new business family, we'll do our best to ensure you marry well – into a happy and mutually productive future.

Even if you're not looking for a job right now, or not ready to use a recruiter, we have a separate Interview BootCamp® service that will help you spruce up your resume; refresh you on the basics of job searching; coach you on effective interviewing techniques; and provide other individualized support for the new employment opportunities to come.

And we'll do it the old-fashioned way. One-on-one.
With your total participation and control. With heart.
And, OK…Maybe with a little offbeat humor now and



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