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    1. CONFIDENTIALITY: We'll respect your confidentiality at all times. For job seekers, this means we won't send your resume or disclose your identity to anyone without your prior permission. For employers, this means we'll keep any aspects of your candidate search be it compensation or even the fact of your search confidential without your prior permission.

    2. YOUR TIME: We don't believe in wasting your time. If you're an employer, this means that we won't send you unsolicited resumes, or submit candidates who are clearly unqualified for your job openings. If you're a candidate, this means that we won't try to convince you to consider job opportunities that aren't consistent with your experience or objectives.

    3. RESPECT: We're not paper pushers. We bring years of legal and recruiting experience to the table. This means that we'll discuss your goals in depth and give you our frank opinions and assessments.

    4. YOUR WISHES GOVERN: We'll always give you our recommendations, but recognize that it's your career or candidate search that is at stake, not ours. This means that we'll always honor your wishes, so long as they're legal and ethical.

    5. HONESTY: We'll always tell you the unvarnished truth to the extent confidentiality permits. We expect the same from you.

    6. RESPONSIVENESS: When you call or write us with a question, we'll get back to you within a reasonable period of time, and know that you will do the same.

    7. TRUST: Legal recruiting is one of the last bastions in which a handshake really means something. So when we work with you, it means we trust you and are willing to rely on your honesty and professionalism. We hope we'll earn your confidence on the same basis.

    8. OUR INTENTIONS: Sure, we're a business and expect to be paid for our efforts. Still, this is a business about people, and we wouldn't be in it if we didn't want to make your situation better and happier. So if we ever think our efforts may not coincide with your best interests, we'll tell you and assist you in making an informed decision about your next step.

    9. OUR PROMISE: We can't promise we'll always find the right candidate or job opportunity you're seeking. What we can pledge is to always engage in our best efforts to do so and treat you with the attention and respect to which you're entitled.

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